Things to do in Saint Vincent and Grenadines

BEACHES: St. Vincent has a lot of beautiful beaches where one can enjoy the serenity of the surroundings while watching the ocean waves and soaking up the sun.There are some beaches with sparkling white sand, but the majority of the beaches have beautiful black sand because of the volcanic nature of the island. Most of the beaches offer snorkelling and diving facilities.  

ATTRACTIONS: One of the most popular attractions includes Mopion, which is the perfect location to watch the sunset. There are a number of gardens where one gets to see the most beautiful plants and flowers, like the Botanic Gardens in Kingstown and the smaller Montreal Gardens. The Mesopotamia Valley is perfect for hikers, while the historically inclined can visit Fort Charlotte. 

SHOPPING: St. Vincent is a shopper’s delight. There are a large number of little local shops that offer knick knacks and souvenirs that tourists can take home with them as reminders of their vacation. One can also buy jewellery and excellent rum. 

ST. VINCENT’S NIGHTLIFE: St. Vincent has certain nightclubs and pubs like the Iguana Night Spot and the Aquatic Club. Many of these bars have live entertainment and or DJs on special nights. There are a number of beach bars that open through the night, where music is played and people party under the stars. 

DINING: One can choose from a great number of restaurants in St. Vincent. Most of the restaurants either offer international/ continental food or extremely local and authentic food. Tourists may try out both types of restaurants according to their budget. Almost all of the restaurants are located in places with an amazing view of the sea, which makes the dining experience even more gratifying.

Visit the Saint Vincent and Grenadines tourist board website for more information.