Things to do in St. Maarten

BEACHES: St. Maarten has a total of thirty seven beaches. For the more adventurous, a good selection of water sports is available. There are numerous topless and nude beaches as well. Some beaches are crowded, with beach bars and cafes, while others are quiet and secluded, so tourists can just take their pick. There are more beaches on the French side then there are on the Dutch side.

ATTRACTIONS: There are numerous kinds of water and water sports available for the tourists. The most popular among all of them is the Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkelling adventure trip. Other attractions include a factory trip in Grand Case where one can create one’s own perfume. Yacht racing is also extremely popular. One may also visit the beautiful butterfly farm.

SHOPPING: Shopping is an amazing experience in St. Maarten. It has a large number of little boutiques that offer duty free goods. A lot of designer items are available at incredible prices, often with a discount of almost 40%. One can buy exotic jewellery, chocolates, liquor and clothing.

ST. MAARTEN’S NIGHTLIFE: St. Maarten has a large number of nightclubs and pubs for party lovers. Places like Cheri’s Café have amazing shows as well. There is also the very popular Hollywood Casino at Simpson’s Bay for people who wish to earn some extra moolah. Les Mardis de Grand Case, also known as Harmony Night, is a street fair that happens at night from January to April and has a wonderful selection of local food and artefacts.

DINING: St. Maarten has the highest concentration of fine dining restaurants per square miles in the entire Caribbean! There are over two hundred restaurants, some located on the French side, and some on the Dutch. The Dutch side specializes in ethnic food, while the French side concentrates on European and Antillean cuisine.

Visit the St Maarten tourist board website for more information.