Things to do in St. Lucia

BEACHES: There are a number of beautiful beaches in St. Lucia, with sparkling white sand as well beautiful black volcanic sand. All the beaches form a part of the “Queen’s Chain”. They are all open to the public free of cost. Most of the beaches on the South Coast can only be reached by boat. The Anse Chastenet beach is by far the most popular beach. Anse Louvet is one of the most secluded beaches that can only be reached after a three hour long walk. Marine turtles have made this beach their nesting site.  

ATTRACTIONS: One must try the Mystic Man tours that are available to the tourists. The Exodus Chartered Boats are also an attractive option. Hiking, adventure sports, bird watching and deep sea fishing are pretty popular attractions. People can indulge in horseback riding, golf, sailing and whale and dolphin watching. 

SHOPPING: Being a haven full of duty free shops, St. Lucia is a shopper’s dream come true. The shopping complex, Pointe Seraphine, located at the harbour front, has a number of designer outlets. There are many local souvenir shops that sell trinkets to tourists. One of the most popular local markets is the 100 years old Castries’ outdoor market. 

ST. LUCIA’S NIGHTLIFE: There are a number of old fashioned pubs as well tropical beach bars. Swim up Bars, that are swimming pools with bars, are also extremely popular. Charlie’s and Rumours are two of the most popular nightclubs in the Rodney Bay area.  

DINING: In St. Lucia, you can indulge in a number of different kinds of food. The restaurants offer a lot of cuisines, the most popular being French and Italian. One can also indulge in sushi and unique chocolate shots. Some of the restaurants have dress codes. 

Visit the St. Lucia tourist board website for more information.