Things to do in Saba

Beaches: Saba also known as the ‘Unspoiled Queen’ has only one beach which is a black sand beach located at Well's bay. It's a quiet and peaceful beach with warm, cordial people who welcome tourists and make their trip the trip of their lifetime.  

Attractions: Saba is the perfect paradise for snorkeling, hiking, honeymooning, mountaineering. The architecture of the villages is beautiful. The summer festival is the major attraction and the locals celebrate with great zeal. The reefs are a must visit along with the rainforests. Do not mind seeking out planned tours from your hotel’s help desk as locals can really take you to some unexplored dplaces that the travel guide would fail to tell you.

Shopping in Saba: Shopping is a fun activity in Saba for collecting antiques and unique handicrafts native to Saba. From homemade preservatives to delicious marmalade to postcards to flags, to traditional dresses to local art and crafts, you can never get enough when indulging in shopping in Saba.

Nightlife in Saba: Saba is low on nightlife and has few places which are open on weeknights as well. The restaurants offer live entertainment to tourists along with free movies on Friday nights. Friday nights are also termed as "Sabaoke" where the locals join in and dance through the nights.

Dining: Saba offers world class cuisine, fresh sea food, the Saba lobster, spit roasted chicken to creations paired with delicious wines. This menu is definitely going to get you drooling. From Caribbean to American, Creole to European, Saba has it all. The intricately designed restaurants with European themes or overlooking the sea create a beautiful ambience for diners.

Visit the Saba tourist board website for more information.