Things to do in Puerto Rico

Beaches of Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is a cluster of islands located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea being the third largest island in the States. The winds and wave action is the major attraction of the beaches for surfers, the calm white sand beaches are inviting throughout the year.

Attractions in Puerto Rico: The wind and wave action is alluring to the surfers. Other attractions include fishing games, visiting historical sites to hiking national parks, snorkeling; et al. Puerto Rico has the most beautiful rain forests, churches, an astronomical observatory.

Shopping in Puerto Rico: If there's a paradise for shoppers, it has got to be Puerto Rico. From large shopping centers to exclusive international brands, you'll find them here. Antique jewelry to bargain stores to arts and crafts and take-home souvenirs - just name it and you have it. Multistoried malls with all the famous brands and valet parking, these people know how to make one feel special and at home.

Puerto Rico: nightlife: Puerto Rico is known as the nightlife capital of the Caribbean. The theatres, clubs and restaurants are all open and welcoming to visitors and locals alike. The students and locals love to party and the attractions include international DJ's and celebrities.

Dining: They serve the best burgers, and cuisines range over Caribbean, American and Continental. The Traditional Puerto Rican food is served at the local restaurants. And the Puerto Ricans make it a point to satisfy the visitor's cravings.

Visit the Puerto Rico tourist board website for more information.