Things to do in Montserrat

Beaches: Also known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean owing to its Irish resemblance, Montserrat is known for its pristine and serene beaches ranging from a white sand beach, daytime entry beach to beaches for picnics and parties. Apart from the beach, the places which ought to be visited include the Montserrat Monastery and the Art museum. The mountain trails offer a perfect hiking experience. Anytime of the year is a good time to visit since it remains warm throughout the year but during winter, there's a rise in tourists and locals living abroad visit Montserrat.

Attractions: The ravines, volcano, iguanas, war memorial, clock tower, cultural centre are the major attractions along with bird watching, turtle watching and hiking. Adventure sports like biking, diving, kayaking, yachting, snorkeling, visiting wineries keep visitors engaged.

Shopping in Montserrat: Montserrat offers an array of small shops for volcanic souvenirs, handicrafts, traditional clothes, handmade greeting cards, famous handmade. Hot pepper sauce can be found in these shops. Other souvenirs include handmade dolls, the colors of the national dress- green and yellow incorporated into the handicrafts. It's advisable to shop at these small shops and one should be pepped up for making short stops.

Montserrat's night life: Montserrat offers a low nightlife with diners ranging from bars to resto bars, glorified rum shops. Although the clubs are limited in number, Montserrat remains a quiet and peaceful place. On special occasions, clubs remain open, even on Fridays and Saturdays.

Dining: The wide and tasteful restaurants of Montserrat offer brilliant local and international cuisine, lounges and bars, some restaurants offer kitchenettes as well. A foodie can never be out of options when it comes to dining in and around Montserrat.

Visit the Montserrat tourist board website for more information.