Things to do in Martinique

Beaches: With white sand beaches with sceneries that are said to be among the best in the world, the waters in Southern Martinique are calm and a hub for water sports. The most common beaches are Les Salines and Pointe de Bout. The water is clear and all you need is a snorkel and a love for adventure to enjoy the waters. If the tourist favourites aren’t your cup of tea, then head on to the volcanic beaches with the deep black sands. The black sand beaches are not as crowded and the flora and fauna in these areas is indeed distinct.

Sigthseeing: Martinique has a rich history and this is still prevalent even in its capital. Fort-de-France has winding streets, sprinkled with old building and statues commemorating the islands heroes. It has a museum for those interested in tapping into the history or the Place del la Savane with thirteen acres of beautiful blooms. The Cathedral of St. Louis is a definite on the to-do list. Another interesting attraction is Mount Pelee which was a volcanic mountain. It is now a city with a semblance of the old city and with a possibility of visiting wrecks caused by the last volcanic explosion.

Food and drink: The island has more options for cafes that will leave you spoilt for choice. The restaurants range from high end gourmet food to cafes to local cuisine shacks. The French influence is prevalent to a large extent in the food with the large number of Creole cafes. The island is famous for its rum and has a large number of distilleries. For the hard core beer drinkers, Biere Lorraine is the local favourite.

Visit the Martinique tourist board website for more information.