Things to do in Jamaica

Nightlife: The options are endless with a pub or hotel throwing a party at every corner. If dancing to the wee nights of the morning doesn’t meet your fancy, then go for a quiet cultural event which will keep you out quite late. Keep your ears and eyes open for the Jamaican carnival that is quite a local favourite. Indeed it’s not Mardigras but nonetheless it’s a carnival with its own twist that’s definitely worth a visit.  

Sports: Jamaica has a fair share of unique adventure sports. Go for a canopy tour over the jungle to get a bird’s eye view or instead hire a quad bike a race through the estates. The list of water sports are range from rafting to snorkelling. You can even pick up your golf clubs and spend the morning on the greens.  

A must do is Dolpin Cove where the highlight is the foot push. A dolphin propels you in the air with its nose and you have a moment of weightlessness!  

Spas: Going to an island and coming back without a day in the spa would be wrong. Jamaica has its own share of mineral springs, grottos and ocean caves that will give you the ultimate spa experience. It is said to have the best massage therapists in the Caribbean islands.  

Music: The home of Bob Marley and without doubt the influence lives on. Make sure you visit the museum dedicated to the Reggae music that gives you a fascinating look into the roots of the music form that caught the world’s fancy and didn’t let go!  

Shopping: Jamaica offers a wide range of goods to shop for, the expensive brands as well as local handicrafts. One word of advice, ensure that you bargain as most places do not have a concept of a fixed price.  

Visit the Jamaica tourist board website for more information.