Things to do in Haiti

Shopping: Like every destination that is flocked by tourists, Haiti has a number of options to offer for avid shoppers. The local handicrafts are worth a bargain. Of course, there is no paucity of souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Port-au-Prince is the one-stop shopping destination but make sure you put your bargaining hat on before you start. Haiti is famous for its paintings in the naïf style as well as its jewellery and printed fabrics.  

Nightlife: A beach getaway without nightlife is unheard of and Haiti is no exception. You are guaranteed a party at some major hotel every night of the week. The music ranges from the local music to the hits from the West. Just walk down the streets and drop into the pub that makes you want to get jiggy with it! 

Food and Drink: Haiti cuisine is mainly French with slight African influences. The typical cuisine consists of rice and beans with a meat accompaniment. Occasionally a meal is accompanied with a beer, rum or calirin. The local beer is Prestige, for all those travellers making a hit list of beers around the world! Other specialities are guinea hen, turkey and pork cooked in their traditional style.  

Sports: From adventure to water sports, Haiti has it all! The water sports range from snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, surfing and the list goes on. If the water isn’t the place for you then put on those trekking shoes and go for a trek or a hike or a forest exploration or rock climbing. The view from at the end of the trek will keep you wanting more. On the other hand, if your kind of sport is lazing around the beach, then the endless stretches of beach will definitely meet your fancy! 

Visit the Haiti tourist board website for more information.