Things to do in Cuba

Beaches:  Cuba certainly has is some beautiful beaches and many of them are world class and offer excellent facilities. The island of Cuba is bordered by nearly three hundred wonderful, natural beaches where crystal blue waves wash up onto fine white sand. Many of Cuba’s beaches remain undiscovered by tourists and offer a desert island tranquillity that is breath taking.  

Attractions:  Cuba is a stunning and unforgettable country, with colonial mansions, museums, art deco architecture, cigar factories, and old American cars on the streets. Cuba has a prestigious culture. Its joyful musical people lives bound to its traditions and customs. To touch this part of the Cuban people, nothing better than its museums all over the country. Likewise, Cuba has experience in the organization of Golf tournaments. If you are a golf lover, in Cuba you can find many facilities that will warrant you a complete development on this sport.             

Shopping:  For sure, Cuba is no shopping paradise therefore the assortment in the Cuban shops is limited, although some large hotels have modern clothing shops. For tourists the most important items to get are Cuban cigars, Cuban rum, Cuban coffee, music CD’s and some paintings or craftwork. For Cuban T-shirts, wooden handcraft, ceramics, and Cuban go to the outdoor markets.  

Cuba's night life: Cuba’s nightlife offers many opportunities for a great night out. There are lots of bars with live music, and clubs for music listening where you can enjoy yourself. Be aware a night can be expensive, but the ambiences are generally great.  

Dining: Although Cuba is an island so rich in marine life, fish and seafood rarely top the menu. Most Cuban cuisine is a combination of local innovation and traditional recipes and flavours from Spain, Africa and the Caribbean.  

Visit the Cuba tourist board  website for more information.