Things to do in British Virgin Islands

Beaches:  The beaches of the British Virgin Islands come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re paddling out to drop in on a set of waves surfing Apple Bay, lying on the pristine, white sands relaxing in the sun at Elizabeth Beach or slipping in your anchor at the always popular Deadman’s Bay, every beach in the BVI is unique. And best of all, with the endless skies and inviting water; you can plan a new beach adventure every day you’re here. 

Attractions:  BVI offer a wide range of Water Sports Rentals for your yachting, or land based vacation. We offer everything from snorkel gear & aids, to kayaks, windsurfers, surfboards and fishing gear. Your experience in the BVI will be enriched by visiting our National Parks, Copper Mine, Forts, Museums, Churches, Burial sites and old Plantation Estates. Across the seas from shore to shore, you'll climb the hill to Old Government House Museum, Mount Health, Fort Burt, and the Copper Mine just to name a few. Old memories of sugar fields from days gone by extend all around you at Josiah’s Bay Plantation.


Shopping:  There are no shopping malls here, and familiar, multinational brand names are few and far between. What these BVI have are unique Caribbean crafts, surf and beach wear in abundance, jewellery, island gifts and souvenirs. Be prepared though to go hunting around the many small shops and boutiques scattered across the island if you don’t immediately find what you are looking for. Road Town, Tortola is the main venue for island shopping in the BVI. There are a few jewellery shops around the cruise ship dock.

BVI night life:  The British Virgin Islands has a wonderful selection of bars & clubs, all with the friendly inviting atmosphere you would expect. If you are looking for entertainment, you are spoilt for choice with everything from live music to comedy. 

Dining: Cuisine in the British Virgin Islands is some of the best in the Caribbean, whether you are looking for traditional Caribbean dishes, French, Asian or a fusion of everything, there is a restaurant to satisfy your palette. In addition, the restaurants of the BVI are placed in unique locations, whether you want to dine next to the sea or have spectacular views of the islands, you will find a something for your mood and your wallet.

Visit the British Virgin Islands tourist boardwebsitefor more information.