Things to do in Bonaire

Beaches: Bonaire offers a variety of secluded beaches that allow visitors to enjoy the island at its best! Many well-known spots dot the western coastline and lac to the east. Among them are Thousand Steps and Sorobon Beach. The main focus on the island of Bonaire is our clear blue waters. The ocean is an important part of the daily lives of each Bonerian. The locals will spend their weekends relaxing on the beach and sharing their life stories. The activities on the water are all operated by independent tour operators. Visitors can sign up at a dive shop or a snorkel charter or strike out on their own.  

Attractions: Wind, water, sand and sun make for excellent swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, wind surfing and scuba opportunities on Bonaire. In fact, this special combination creates more exciting activities guests won’t want to miss. Wind, water, sand and sun are also ideal for kite boarding, sailing and land sailing. In addition, anglers enjoy the cool winds while spending a day on the water deep sea fishing.      

Shopping: Unique boutiques and shops are scattered throughout Bonaire and at island resorts. However, downtown Kralendijk, with colourful, quaint and picturesque architecture, offers the majority of shops and reflects a real Caribbean vibe. Grocery stores, found throughout the island, have an extensive variety of international brands, products and produce on the shelves.   

Bonaire’s night life: Entertainment abounds for everyone on Bonaire. Live music and refreshing cocktails can be found at many of Bonaire’s beach and downtown bars. Happy hour with umbrella cocktails await. For additional entertainment, visit the bowling alley or Divi Flamingo Casino.  

Dining: Dining on Bonaire is truly an international experience. Award winning chefs delight in creating traditional fare by adding Caribbean flavours. The cuisine of myriad ethnicities is represented. They include Dutch, Columbian, Chinese, Italian, Surinam, Indonesian, French, German and more. Delicious kuminda krioyo (local food) consisting of different types of stews, fresh fish, funchi, rice and more is also available. In addition to great foods, most restaurants offer full bars with wine offerings from all over the world. Homemade desserts are found in restaurants and different bakeries around Bonaire. 

Visit the Bonaire tourist board websitefor more information.