Things to do in Anguilla

Beaches: Anguilla has 33 pristine beaches and over twelve miles of stunning, white powder sand and tranquil waters ranging from aquamarine to cobalt blue. Beaches of all kinds, from the long, gentle shoreline of Rendezvous Bay perfect for strolling, to the colourful beach bars that rest on the blinding white sands of Shoal Bay.  


Attractions: From one end of Anguilla to the other, sightseers discover Anguilla’s natural beauty, evidence of the island’s history and cultural landmarks.  The island offers points of interest that can be encountered during your everyday travels, as well as hidden gems that are slightly off of the beaten path.  Maps of Anguilla, available at most hotels and at the Anguilla Tourist Board, highlight areas of interest, but guided tours are often the best way to experience these places.  Whether history, nature, photography, art or culture peak your interest, our island has some unique offerings. 


Shopping: Anguilla’s shopping is as eclectic as its cuisine.  From couture to cultural, artisanal to international, casual beach to modern chic, an array of unique treasures can be found while shopping on Anguilla. The range of products available includes fine jewellery, gourmet foods and spirits, designer beachwear, elegant resort wear, and more. 


Anguilla's night life: When night falls, and even on occasion when the sun is up, Anguilla offers a unique mix of entertaining venues that are all its own. There are no casinos, no flashing lights, no tourist traps, but lots of pure fun. Join in, be you, make some friends, all are welcome! 


Dining: If Anguilla’s beaches are the most enviable feature of our island, then our world-class restaurants come in a close second. The island has an award-winning dining scene that offers discerning travellers international sophistication, elegance and creative cuisine that fuses the fresh local flavours from our land and sea with elegant imports. The artistry of our chefs, both Anguillian and from abroad, is unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean. 

Visit the Anguilla tourist board website for more information.