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The Caribbean
Where is the Caribbean?

The Caribbean region emanates a different shine altogether when it comes to drawing the tourism map of the world, and that is not without a whole list of reasons. All Caribbean islands present unique enticements to visitors, and as a consequence millions of travel enthusiasts pack their bags for these amazing parts of the world. Whereas some islands pour a pool of culture on you, some lay out a boulevard of breath-taking sceneries that overwhelm your sight! And still others present all in one vacation heavens that are simply impossible to say no to. Expansive beaches guarded by deserts of white, black and pink sands, a whole world of excitement with a gamut of beach and water sports activities, fine dining like no other place in the world, and interaction with nature in its purest form; the menu of experiences that await you in the Caribbean is simply endless.

If you are planning to take your family on an unforgettable tour, make sure you consider the gem of an island called Anguilla. This place is close to paradise as it can possibly get in the Caribbean. The British influences are pretty evident on life at this small island. Its small size is pretty deceptive, considering the range of beaches it hosts, and with them several water activities like glass bottom boat rides that let you come really close to marine life. Off the waters, you can indulge in some great sightseeing and fine dining experiences with your family. Anguilla is fun unlimited, and a sure way to make your family go crazy with joy in the Caribbean.

Antigua, with a beach that can satisfy your thirst for water and all the related pleasures for every single day of the year (yes, there are so many stunning beaches here), is surely an irresistible option if going to the Caribbean is on your to-do lists for the year. There is ample snorkelling and scuba diving to enjoy, and of course a host of other exciting activities such as dating history in the form of visits to the old Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. And then, there is the inviting Barbuda experience that awaits your presence pretty close to Antigua.

Eastern Caribbean vacations are incomplete without proper emphasis given to Barbados, a tourism magnet of the modern times. With luxury defining resorts of the likes of Sandy Lane and Almond Resorts, there is an unforgettable experience on every corner in Barbados. The spirit of sheer joy all around the place is bound to induce you into throwing all caution to the winds and enjoying a truly Caribbean dose of excitement in Barbados. Bermuda also makes a strong case for your attention, and does so quite easily with its unique and charming pink sand beaches. Get up close and personal with the Great Barrier Reef, and see for yourself as to what powers are held by the elements of air and water. Scuba diving in these waters is an unforgettable experience for any adventure lover.

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