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Caribbean hotels
The Caribbean a world’s most astonishing natural wonders

The Caribbean region is home to some of the world’s most astonishing natural wonders. However, only few realize that even the man made wonders have had a special relation with this absolutely stunning part of the world. This is in reference to the gravity defying engineering marvels that have sprung up on the Caribbean land in the past few decades in the form of lavish and luxurious resorts and hotels to cater to all classes of people that converge upon the Caribbean for their dream destinations. From luxury defining resorts that are unforgettable experiences in themselves to the comfortable and cosy atmosphere of privately owned rented homes in the Caribbean, there is absolutely no dearth of great accommodation here.

The Forbes Traveler 400 list features several Caribbean resorts and hotels that are in close proximity to the beautiful beaches of the region. You can be assured of diligent service, stylish interiors and all amenities and facilities in the rooms of these Caribbean hotels. When it comes to amplifying the vacation pleasure of their guests to newer levels of satisfaction, Caribbean hotels are the best in the world. Several hotels excel in particular services, without compromising on the overall service mix. For instance, apart from providing comfortable and pampering stays in lavishly styled and decorated rooms, the Half Moon in Jamaica is a golfer’s paradise. Antigua’s Curtain Bluff is the heaven of tennis lovers, apart from being a wonderful accommodation facility. On the other end of the rainbow lies the Horned Dorset Primevera, the ideal hotel to enjoy the Caribbean without any pomp and show. Privacy seekers hardly need to think twice before finalizing this as their choice of accommodation in Puerto Rico.

St. Lucia’s Ladera blows the concept of staying close to the beach. Guarded by the remains of an old volcano, this wonder land is all set to enthral you by bringing an environment of greenery and solace to your living rooms. Bahamas is a popular Caribbean tourism magnet, and as a consequence, some truly amazing hotels have made their way onto these lands. Ocean Club is, without a doubt, one of the premier locations in Bahamas. The French styles accommodation facility hosts thousands of guests every year. In some contrast, Necker pulls on an Asian shade and does so quite effectively. Sandy Lane, the Barbados hotel that has featured on several toppers’ list of great hotels in the Caribbean, sufficiently justifies its fame with English luxury being bestowed upon its guests. No wonders, it plays host to some of the world’s famed personalities every year. And then, Caribbean hotels are not just about reality defying luxury, but more about adding a different dimension to the vacations of several travel enthusiasts that visit this enchanting stretch of land and water.                                                                                 
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