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Beaches in the Caribbean
There are in excess of 7000 breathtaking beaches in this region

The mere mention of the Caribbean is guaranteed to set the floor of your mind wet with the thoughts of beaches and more beaches. And this is quite acceptable considering the fact that there are in excess of 7000 beaches and cays in this region. It is fair to say that one needs a lifetime to be able to visit and enjoy all these water heavens of the Caribbean. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful beaches in the Caribbean that you can literally create a voluminous book even if you plan to dedicate one page a beach! This article makes an attempt at introducing the readers to some of the very best of the beaches in the Caribbean.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Seven Mile Beach picks itself in any list of the world’s best beaches. The crystal clear waters of this delightful beach are sure winners with divers and water sports enthusiasts. A walk along the beach in the evening as the sunset colours the skies red is a sight that is just impossible to erase off one’s heart. Plus, there are some literally staggering hotels and resorts nearby the Seven Mile Beach, all conferring their own versions of luxuries on their guests. Truly, a visit to the Grand Cayman region of the Caribbean falls short of being complete without a day devoted exclusively to the charms of the Seven Mile Beach.

You’ve surely heard of beaches surrounded by vast expanses of glittering white sand. How about pink sand! The Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda brings this fantastic image to life with the pinkish hues of the sand surrounding the turquoise waters. Snorkelling in the crystal clear water is a dream-come-true for any adventurous person. No wonders that people from all quarters of the world map converge here to witness unadulterated natural beauty in full swing as the waves of the sea leave their mark on the pink sands of the Horseshoe Bay. Several interesting hotels and eateries line the beach, and add to the pleasure quotient one gets from a visit to this stunning beach.

British Virgin Islands is pretty popular with tourists looking to go to the Caribbean, and beaches such as Devil’s Bay have a lot to contribute to this recognition. It is almost impossible to fully capture the intensity of elation that the sight of the supernaturally beautiful rocks and boulders complementing the beauty of clear water brings to the heart and mind of the beholder of these mind boggling scenes. You get the chance to be up close and personal with all colours of fishes as they try to bring life into water of Devil’s Bay.

If your idea of the ideal beach is a secluded spot with great sights and scenes and a riveting lull all around, the Batibou Beach of Dominica is meant for you. Apart from the tag of having been a shooting spot for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ this beach is gaining momentum on tourism charts because of the fact that visitors can enjoy undistorted and unadulterated natural beauty here. In the Caribbean, it is all about picking the beaches that suit you best, rather than compromising with preset definitions of the ‘ideal beach.

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